Dinah Churchman

Father: John Churchman, b. ca. 1665 in Saffron-Walden, England

Mother: Hannah Seary (Cerie), b. ca. 1676 in Oxford, England

Family 1: Mercer Brown(e), b. December 27, 1685 in Nottingham, Chester County, PA -- d. 1733

  1. John Brown, b. 1729 in Nottingham, Chester County, PA
  2. David Brown, b. 1731 in Nottingham, Chester County, PA

Family 2: Mordecia James, b. December 6, 1705 in Welch Colony of Josheu, PA. -- d. December 15, 1776 in East Nottingham

  1. Micajah James, b. May 5, 1737 in East Nottingham
  2. George James, b. October 10, 1738 in East Nottingham


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