Joseph Churchman

Father: George Churchman, b. September 13, 1697 in Chester Township, Chester County, PA

Mother: Hannah James

Family 1: Hannah Pierce, b. November 15, 1778 Thornbury, Chester County, PA -- d. May 7, 1876 in Philadelphia, PA -- daughter of Caleb Pierce & Ann Mendenhall

  1. James Churchman, b. January 18, 1811 in Chester County, PA -- married Samantha Lockwood
  2. John Churchman -- married Lydia Starr
  3. Samuel Churchman -- married Sarah Hustler
  4. Annie Churchman, d. 1884 (unmarried) -- a very able and successful teacher
  5. Phebe Churchman -- married Caleb D. Pierce of Philedelphia


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