John James Churchman

Father: William H. Churchman, b. 1811 in Tennessee

Mother: Abigail "Abbie" Jane Coker, b. 1819 in the White River country (now Marion County, Arkansas) -- d. ca 1869 in Arkansas -- daughter of William Coker

Family 1: Charlotte K. ??, b. October 1860 in Mississippi

  1. Charlotte A. Churchman, b. August, 1883 in Arkansas
  2. Lamont C. Churchman, b. December, 1885 in Arkansas
  3. Lena E. Churchman, b. March, 1890 in Indian Territory
  4. Grace L. Churchman, b. July, 1883 in Indian Territory
  5. Katie M. Churchman, b. October, 1895 in Indian Territory
  6. Jimmie Churchman, b. December, 1897 in Indian Territory


  1. Article, "John Churchman of Cherokee Spring, Virginia, Arkansas", by Joe Carter from Wagon Wheels published by The Society of Paris, Ark, 1980-, Fall, 1995, pages 30-34
  2. Research by Dorothy Lampkin -- information from 1900 Indian Territory Census, Cherokee Nation Township 10
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