Joseph Henry Churchman

Joe, Sarah, and 4 daughters
Joe, Sarah Churchman and 4 of their girls
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Joseph and Sarah Churchman
with Bessie
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Coy, Arthur, Mary Elaine,
and Ernest Churchman

Father: William Montgomery Churchman, b. April 13, 1816 in Grainger County, Tennessee

Mother: Mary Jane Kinder, b. June 11, 1827 in Tennessee -- d. May 7, 1875 in Tennessee

Family 1: Sarah May Foxworthy, b. May 1, 1872 in Hickory County, MO -- d. June 16, 1965 at Nishna Cottage in Malvern, Iowa -- daughter of George Washington Foxworthy & Elnora Parker

  1. Bessie Myrtle Churchman, b. November 10, 1891 in Polk County, MO
  2. Ollie Jane Churchman, b. August 2, 1894 in Polk County, MO
  3. Hattie Ellen Churchman, b. October 23, 1896 in Polk County, MO
  4. Gladys Iola Churchman, b. June 20, 1901 in Polk County, MO
  5. Joseph Arthur Churchman, b. March 15, 1905 in Page County, Iowa
  6. Coy Cecil Churchman, b. March 29, 1907 in Page County, Iowa
  7. Ernest Churchman, b. March 22, 1910 in Page County, Iowa
  8. Mary Elaine Churchman, b. February 14, 1915 in Page County, Iowa


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