William H. Churchman

W. H. Churchman's tombstone
W. H. Churchman's tombstone
Lonesome Dove Cemetery
Grapevine, Texas
Inscription on W. H. Churchman's tombstone
Inscription on
W. H. Churchman's tombstone

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Father: Rufus Jackson Churchman, b. April 13, 1814 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Mother: Rachel Kinder, b. December 5, 1818 in Tennessee -- d. February 12, 1883

Family 1: Ann E. ??, b. ca 1851 in Tennessee

  1. Sarah Tennessee Churchman, b. October 10, 1868 in Jefferson County, TN
  2. Thomas B. Churchman, b. 1872 in Alabama
  3. John Blackburn Churchman, b. January 3, 1875 in Tennessee
  4. Samuel Thomas Churchman, b. 1876 in Dyersburg, Tennessee


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  6. Picture contributed by Vici Churchman
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