Harold Marion Churchman

Father: William Richard Churchman, b. May 14, 1879 in Mill Creek, Polk County, Oregon

Mother: Edna Dougherty, d. March 30, 1959

Family 1: Elsie Jane Craine, b. September 25, 1905 in Altoona, Washington -- d. June 21, 1999 in Vancouver, Washington -- buried in Park Hill Cemetery in Vancouver, Washington

  1. Shirley Rae Churchman, b. June 14, 1936 in North Bonneville, Washington
  2. Phyllis Allene Churchman
  3. Sharon Churchman


  1. Research by Martha Dunn
  2. Research by Patricia Rae Erbes
  3. Obituary of Elsie Jane Churchman
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