Stephie Alexander Bone

Stevie A. and Zora Z. Bone
Stephie A. and Zora Z. Bone
(a few days after their marriage)

Father: Joseph Azor Bone, b. 1851 in Washington Township, Independence County, Arkansas

Mother: Sarah Tennessee Churchman, b. October 10, 1868 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Family 1: Zora Zelma Meeker, b. September 8, 1897 -- d. May 17, 1989

  1. James Dale Bone, b. August 2, 1929
  2. Kenneth Porter Bone, b. January 20, 1931
  3. Stephen Arden Bone, b. March 25, 1933
  4. Norman Joseph Bone, b. May 22, 1938


  1. Research by Sandra Pryor (grand-daughter of Stephie Bone)
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