Viola Churchman

Viola, Peggy, and J.L. Nelson
Viola, Peggy Ann, and J.L. (Junior) Nelson
Viola Nelson with Peggy Ann and Harold Lee
Viola Nelson with Peggy Ann and Harold Lee

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Father: John Blackburn Churchman, b. January 3, 1875 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Mother: Vinnie Clevenger, b. May 8, 1881 in Morristown, Tennessee -- d. June 10, 1943 in Red River County, Texas -- buried in the Bogata Cemetery, Bogata, Texas -- daughter of George Henry Clevenger and Mahala D. Clark

Family 1: J. L. (Junior) Nelson, d. June 8, 1945 -- buried in the National Cemetery in Hawaii

  1. Peggy Ann Nelson, b. March 24, 1942 in Marysville, California
  2. Harold Lee Nelson, b. May 31, 1945 in Marysville, California


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  2. Picture contributed by Jerry Woods
  3. Interview with Peggy Owens
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