John Horace Churchman, Jr.

John Churchman
John Churchman - Class of 1960
William Penn Charter School
Everett Churchman and John Churchman (April 2001)
Everett Churchman and John Churchman
outside the Smithsonian Institution - April, 2001

Father: John Horace Churchman, b. December 7, 1909 in Germantown, Pennsylvania

Mother: Elizabeth Twells Sailer, b. January 27, 1912 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- d. April, 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- daughter of Joseph Sailer and Mary Lowber Strawbridge

Family 1: Mary Martha Walborn, b. May 4, 1946 in Columbus, Ohio

  1. Emily Margaret Churchman, b. January 6, 1982
  2. David Peter Churchman, b. July 31, 1985
  3. Abigail Grace Churchman, b. August 21, 1989


  1. Research by John and Mary Martha Churchman
  2. Research by Emily Margaret Churchman
  3. Picture and information from John Churchman's website
  4. Picture contributed by Everett and Anna Churchman
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