Oma LaVaughn O'Dell

Oma LaVaughn Reeder Oma LaVaughn Reeder Samuel Thomas Churchman and family on Mother's Day 1940
Left Rear: Richard L. and Joni Evelyn Meredith
Oma LaVaughn O'Dell, Hazel Frances and David Robert Liverett
Left Front: Oma Ruby Churchman
Mary Frances and Samuel Thomas Churchman, Dona Mae Everite
Front: Samuel Gordon O'Dell -- (Mother's Day 1940)

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Father: William Elbert O'Dell, d. 1931

Mother: Dona Mae Churchman, b. May 4, 1896

Family 1: Howard Cletus Reeder

  1. Donna Lynn Reeder


  1. Research by Phil and Mary K. Liverett
  2. Picture by Phil and Mary K. Liverett
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