Mercer Brown/Amassa Churchman House

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The Mercer Brown/Amassa Churchman house is located on England Dairy Road, Calvert, Cecil County, MD, near the Brick Meeting House. It is built on land which was at the center of a 490 acre lot originally purchased from William Penn by William Brown as a gift for his son, Mercer Brown, Sr. in 1701.

In 1746, Mercer Brown, Jr. and his wife Hannah built the brick portion of the house with help from their neighbors, who carved their initials and names in the brick at one corner of the house.

The log portion of the house dates from the 18th century and was built by Amassa Churchman, who married Mercer Brown, Jr.'s granddaughter.

The house is now owned by Ed Plumstead and has been occupied for 26 years by Todd and Betty Goodale. Together, they have done a magnificent job of restoring and maintaining this wonderful house.


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