H. E. Kinder, wife & others
Trustees of the Shiloh Church

(transcribed by Vici Churchman)

We Henry Kinder and Mary Kinder his wife James L. Churchman and Mary O. Churchman (the said James L. Churchman and wife signing this deed of conveyance at the instance(?) David A. Tate and wife Mary J. Tate. It being a piece of land heretofore given to them by said Churchman, but no deed has been made for the same) of Grainger County Tennessee have this day given and do hereby transfer and convey unto David A. Tate, Samuel N. Tate, Thomas R. West, Henry Kinder, George A. Young --
Trustees of the Methodist Church at Shiloh A certain parcel of land in the State of Tennessee county of Grainger District No.5 containing by estimation one and one half acres. More or less and bounded as follows:
Beginning on a stake corner of the old Shiloh Church lot with Black oak post oak and gum pointer Running South 88 3/4 East with said line ten poles to two Post oaks Saplings then South 26 1/2 west 18 poles to Black oak Then North 86 1/2 west 9 4/5 poles to a Hickory Then North 88 1/2 west 9 poles to a white oak Saplin Then North 45 1/2 east 17 1/2 poles to a large Black oak. Near the line of old church lot then South and west 4 2/3 poles to the Beginning (James L. Churchman reserved in the above lot a family Grave Yard Bounded as follows:
Beginning at a stake then from the south corner of a little grass noll on said lot. Running North 4 poles to a stake then West 2 poles to a stake then South 4 poles to a stake then East 2 poles to the Beginning) to have and to hold the said tract of Parcel of land to the said Trustees and their successors in office in Trust that said promise shall be used, kept, maintained, and disposed of as a place of devine worship forth.

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