Christmas Memories

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Merry Christmas to you and your families. We created this page as a way for you to share your Christmas memories with our extended Churchman family all over the world.  Send your Christmas memories, stories, family traditions, pictures, recipes, or anything else that you would like to share to Vici Churchman and we'll add them to this page. Our warmest wishes to you and your families during the Christmas season, Wayne and Vici Churchman.

(Click on any of the links below for Churchman Christmas memories)
Wayne and Vici Churchman share Christmas pictures, reflections, and recipes.

Verna L. Williams remembers Christmas at her grandparents.

Charles Johnston Churchman, Jr. remembers Christmas at Chapel Hill, in Augusta County, Virginia.

Dale and Vicki Churchman from Wichita, Kansas share their Christmas traditions and pictures.

Christmas art from Caitlin (9) and Chelsea (6) Churchman.

Everett "Bill" and Anna Churchman from Riverside, California share their Christmas traditions and pictures.

Merry Christmas from the Charles L. Churchman Family. Charles remembers Christmas in Ghana.

Vici Churchman hopes you'll try her favorite Christmas recipes.

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