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            7-George B. PAINTER, b. ca 1845  d. 2/3/1889
             s-Emma THATCHER
          6-Elizabeth PAINTER, b. 3/24/1822  d. 1873
           s-Manuel EYRE, Jr., m. 10/8/1840
            7-Mary EYRE
            7-Ellen EYRE
          6-John PAINTER, b. 12/17/1824  d. 9/8/1865
           s-Hannah HANNUM, m. 5/5/1847
            7-Charles PAINTER, b. 7/26/1852
             s-Anna I. HOUSE, b. 9/5/1851
              8-Joseph PAINTER, b. 7/3/1879
              8-Amos PAINTER, b. 4/14/1881
              8-Lilian PAINTER, b. 11/17/1885
          6-Margaret Churchman PAINTER, b. 10/4/1828  d. 11/2/1885
           s-William PYLE, b. 10/12/1820  m. 9/30/1851
            7-Howard PYLE, b. 3/5/1853  d. 11/9/1911
             s-Anne POOLE, b. 8/1/1858  m. 1881
              8-Sellers Poole PYLE, b. 6/4/1882
              8-Phoebe C. PYLE, b. 1886
              8-Theodore PYLE, b. 1889
              8-Howard PYLE, b. 1891
              8-Eleanor PYLE, b. 1894
              8-Godfrey PYLE, b. 1895
               s-Martha Skipwith HARRISON
                9-John Harrison PYLE, b. 9/5/1931  d. 9/27/1935
                9-Robert Nicholas PYLE, b. 1/21/1940 (adopted)
                  10-Lisa PYLE
                    s-Ron LOCKETT
              8-Wilfred PYLE, b. 1897
            7-Phebe PYLE, b. 3/18/1855  d. 2/18/1857
            7-Clifford PYLE, b. 5/4/1857
             s-Mary Gertrude WATSON, b. 2/19/1861  m. 3/23/1881
              8-Margaret Poole PYLE, b. 11/3/1883
            7-Walter PYLE, b. 8/1/1859  d. 8/27/1918
             s-Anna JACKSON, d. ca 1903
              8-Gerald PYLE, b. ca 1896
             s-Ellen Bernard THOMPSON, b. 11/11/1876  m. 1/23/1904  d. 8/1/1936
              8-Walter PYLE, Jr., b. 1/1/1906  d. 9/12/1986
              8-Ellen Bernard Thompson PYLE, b. 8/8/1907  d. 8/21/1997
              8-Katharine PYLE, b. 11/22/1911  d. 6/8/1980
              8-Caroline Ashton PYLE, b. 3/5/1914  d. 9/18/1973
            7-Katharine PYLE, b. 11/22/1863
        5-Anne CHURCHMAN, b. 7/17/1789  d. 9/5/1815
         s-Seth SMITH, m. 4/22/1813
          6-Rebecca Anna SMITH
        5-Micajah CHURCHMAN, b. 8/7/1791  d. 8/14/1856
         s-Elizabeth SINCLAIR
          6-Sinclair CHURCHMAN, b. 12/7/1816  d. 1875
          6-William H. CHURCHMAN, b. 11/29/1818  d. 5/17/1882
           s-Mary MARSHALL, m. 9/2/1841  d. 5/9/1895
            7-Anna J. CHURCHMAN, (adopted)
            7-Jouette G. CHURCHMAN, d. 7/27/1901
             s-Ada ??, d. 2/26/1929
            7-Mary Emma CHURCHMAN, b. 7/30/1858  d. 1/28/1939
          6-Emily F. CHURCHMAN, b. 1/22/1822
           s-Robert C. BYERS, b. ca 1820
            7-Emma E. BYERS, b. 5/2/1846  d. 3/28/1910
             s-John Washington FURNIER, b. 9/8/1838  d. 5/5/1923
              8-William Oliver FURNIER, b. 2/20/1863  d. 5/1/1923
               s-Carrie SAUGER, m. 1896
                9-Jean FURNIER, b. 5/1897
                9-Margaret FURNIER, b. 1898
              8-Carrie Francis FURNIER, b. 3/18/1866  d. 9/18/1867
              8-Bertha Eugenia FURNIER, b. 3/18/1868  d. 4/2/1958
               s-John Frank WILLIAM, m. 11/16/1894
              8-Eddie FURNIER, b. 12/30/1869  d. 2/2/1870
              8-Robert Byers FURNIER, b. 3/3/1871  d. 6/26/1908
               s-Anna May SCHRODER
              8-Clyde Aubrey FURNIER, b. 11/25/1873  d. 1918
               s-Mary Ellen SUMMERSON
              8-Lillian May FURNIER, b. 6/9/1878  d. 3/11/1950
               s-James LILLEY
              8-Garnet Pearl FURNIER, b. 2/8/1886  d. 6/6/1939
               s-George DURST
                9-Thurmon Lonson DURST, b. 12/19/1903
                 s-Laura EDWARDS
                  10-Reggie DURST
                  10-Laura Mae DURST
                  10-Janet DURST
                  10-Thurmon DURST
                  10-Ann DURST
                    s-James LONG
                  10-Garnet DURST
                  10-Dala DURST
                  10-Eugene DURST
                  10-Infant DURST
                9-Folsom Leona DURST, b. 5/11/1905  d. 8/11/1996
                 s-William Emil GEDDEN, b. 6/8/1904  d. 1956
                  10-William Emil GEDDEN, Jr.
                    s-June Annette KRAFT, b. 1929
                     11-Janice A. GEDDEN, b. 1/17/1953
                       s-Richard Paul MENEAR, b. 1952
                        11-Ian Paul MENEAR, b. 1978
                        11-Jessica Brie MENEAR, b. 1980
                     11-Gene Oliver GEDDEN, b. 1/25/1955  d. 12/6/1988
                     11-Emily Annette GEDDEN, b. 10/27/1962
                 s-Loraine ASHTON
                  10-John ASHTON, d. 1988
                    s-Geri ??
                    s-Pat ??
                     11-Missy ASHTON
                     11-Stacy ASHTON
                    s-Geradine WINEHOLT
                     11-Penny ASHTON
                     11-John ASHTON
                 s-William Oliver HARDY, d. 1982
                  10-William Oliver HARDY, Jr.
                    s-Elizabeth ??
                     11-James Oliver HARDY
                     11-Bethany HARDY
                9-Dorothy Nevada DURST, b. 3/8/1909
                 s-John William BATES
                 s-Fuzzy FOSNAUGHT
                  10-Howard FOSNAUGHT
                    s-Helen ??
                     11-Kevin FOSNAUGHT
                  10-Wally FOSNAUGHT
                    s-Suzie ??
                     11-Dorothy Ann FOSNAUGHT
                  10-Glen FOSNAUGHT
                    s-Margaret ??
                     11-William FOSNAUGHT
                     10-Child FOSNAUGHT
                9-Garnet DURST, b. 1913  d. 1998
                 s-Eddie FULLER
                  10-John FULLER
                 s-Gus GEISSEN
                  10-Gus GEISSEN
               s-Charles Henry HUMES
                9-Beverly Maxine HUMES, b. 1917
                 s-Eddie TOMKIEWICZ-THOMPSON
                  10-Beverly THOMPSON
                    s-Phil ERAUTH
                     11-Leanne ERAUTH
                     11-Robert ERAUTH
                  10-Delores THOMPSON
                  10-Sandra THOMPSON
                    s-Chuck MALINOWSKI
                    s-Richard CARSON
                     11-Donna CARSON
                     11-Charlene CARSON
                     11-Brian CARSON
                 s-John BLACHOWICZ, b. 1928
                9-Norma Eulalie HUMES, b. 1919
                 s-Jack MEARS
                  10-Jack MEARS
                  10-Barbara MEARS
                  10-Scott MEARS
                  10-Mark MEARS
                  10-Brad MEARS
                9-Mona Norene HUMES, b. 1921
                 s-Frank SHERRY
                  10-Frank SHERRY
                  10-Linda SHERRY
                  10-Sharon SHERRY
                  10-Gerald SHERRY
                  10-Darlene SHERRY
                  10-Phyllis SHERRY
                9-Cleo Jean HUMES, b. 1922
                 s-Paul ??
                 s-Ted LEWIS
                  10-Paula LEWIS
                  10-Sheila LEWIS
              8-Thurman Sylvester FURNIER, b. 4/21/1888  d. 11/17/1973
               s-Birdie M. RIGGEN, b. 7/27/1889  m. 12/24/1907  d. 2/1987
                9-Lonson Thurman FURNIER, b. 7/3/1909  d. 8/11/1973
                 s-Lillian FRAMMOLIN, m. 3/3/1929
                 s-Sue IVY, m. 7/17/1948
                9-Vincent Collier FURNIER, b. 10/12/1911
                 s-Elizabeth FRAMMOLIN, m. 1933
                 s-Francis C. BAUDINO, m. 5/5/1940
                9-Clarence FURNIER, b. 12/27/1918  d. 12/1977
                9-Ether Maroni FURNIER, b. 3/26/1925
                 s-Ella Mae MCCART, b. 9/16/1925
                  10-Vincent Damon FURNIER, b. 3/2/1948
                    s-Sheryl GODDARD, b. 5/20/1956  m. 3/3/1976
                     11-Callico FURNIER, b. 5/19/1981
                  10-Nicki Ann FURNIER, b. 11/22/1946
              8-John FURNIER, d. 1923
            7-6 children
          6-Caroline V. CHURCHMAN, b. 1/22/1826
           s-Joseph MORAN
         s-Sarah McClintock MAY, b. ca 1794
          6-Henrietta CHURCHMAN, b. 12/16/1831
           s-Joseph C. MEETEER
            7-Margaret MEETEER
             s-William A. VAN_BUREN
            7-Anne M. MEETEER
            7-5 children
          6-Francis McClintock CHURCHMAN, b. 4/5/1833  d. 8/23/1891
           s-Anna J. CHURCHMAN, m. 10/12/1859  d. 6/19/1902
            7-Nettie CHURCHMAN, b. 5/19/1860  d. 12/1/1919
             s-James Jewett TURNER, b. 4/6/1853  d. 5/29/1928
              8-Francis Churchman TURNER, b. 9/29/1885  d. 6/27/1892
              8-Lois TURNER, b. 3/31/1888  d. 6/28/1892
              8-Rebecca TURNER, b. 11/25/1889
               s-Albert WELLS
                9-James Jewett Turner WELLS
              8-James Jewett TURNER, Jr., b. 11/29/1893

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