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        5-Vincent Tapp CHURCHMAN, b. 2/11/1824  d. 1/24/1872
         s-Margaret Jane Taylor GRAHAM, m. 8/26/1851
          6-John Franklin CHURCHMAN, b. 9/16/1853  d. 7/18/1909
           s-Myra ELDRED, m. 1/7/1882
            7-Son CHURCHMAN, b. ca 5/1899
          6-Ann Louisa CHURCHMAN, b. 3/18/1856  d. 1/22/1892
           s-John A. KEGLER
          6-Margaret Susan Clarke CHURCHMAN, b. 12/18/1862  d. ca 1863
          6-Alice Clark CHURCHMAN, b. 7/1/1865
           s-James C. MATTHEWS
            7-Lee MATTHEWS
             s-Mabel BARGER
              8-Lee C. MATTHEWS
           s-John W. PETIT
          6-Vincent T. CHURCHMAN, b. 8/31/1867  d. 12/21/1941
           s-Emma SPENCER, m. 1/21/1896
            7-Vincent T. CHURCHMAN, Jr., b. 11/11/1899
             s-Elizabeth KIBBY
              8-Elizabeth CHURCHMAN
               s-Edwin WITHROW
              8-Nancy CHURCHMAN
               s-Tom KELLY
           s-Jessie Brash KAY, d. 6/30/1964
            7-Margaret Christina CHURCHMAN, b. 11/6/1906  d. 6/29/1964
             s-George Algernon GILCHRIST, b. 5/21/1905  m. 5/30/1926  d. 10/22/1976
              8-George Vincent GILCHRIST, b. 8/9/1929  d. 12/7/1998
               s-Wanda Lee BUTCH, m. 8/30/1948
                9-George Vincent GILCHRIST, Jr.
                9-Patti Sue GILCHRIST
                9-Cindy Lee GILCHRIST
              8-Kay Ann GILCHRIST, b. 1/26/1929  d. 2/1988
               s-William SMITH
                9-Michael Patrick SMITH
              8-Thomas Churchman GILCHRIST, b. 9/1/1931
               s-Mary Ellen CLARK, m. 7/23/1954
                9-Thomas Churchman GILCHRIST, II
                9-Margorie Ellen GILCHRIST
                9-David Wayne GILCHRIST
              8-Peggy GILCHRIST, b. 2/23/1933  d. 11/6/1972
               s-George RIGGS
                9-Janet Louise RIGGS
                9-John Dwayne RIGGS
                9-Frederick Vincent RIGGS
                9-Robert Lee RIGGS
               s-Ray CUTSHALL
               s-Steve STANICH
               s-William SCHMIDT
              8-William Alexander GILCHRIST, b. 5/14/1936  d. 4/1992
               s-Evelyn ??
                9-Christina GILCHRIST
                9-Marie GILCHRIST
                9-Lynn GILCHRIST
                9-Rosemary GILCHRIST
               s-Mary Elizabeth ??
               s-Hazel ??
                9-Kay Christine GILCHRIST
                9-Ericka GILCHRIST
          6-Henry Jouette CHURCHMAN, b. 9/18/1869  d. 8/16/1937
           s-Addie ??, m. 12/31/1890  d. 1898
            7-Lois CHURCHMAN
             s-Ralph BAKER
              8-Jack BAKER
              8-Bill BAKER
              8-Sara Jane BAKER, b ca 1932  d. ca 1932
              8-Lois BAKER
           s-Lillian WHALEN, m. ca 1902  d. 1906
            7-Leonard J. CHURCHMAN, b. 9/3/1904
             s-Josephine MICHLE, m. 1934  d. 8/31/1937
             s-Ann Virginia THOMPSON, m. 1/8/1940  d. 8/30/1946
              8-Ellen CHURCHMAN, b. 10/5/1940
               s-Claude SWEEVE, m. 1960
                9-Ann SWEEVE, b. 6/2/1961
                9-John SWEEVE, b. 9/6/1962
                9-Jennifer SWEEVE, b. 2/22/1964
              8-Leonard J. CHURCHMAN, Jr., b. 7/8/1944
               s-Kay FRITZ, m. 6/8/1974
             s-Anita BILADEAU, m. 1948
              8-Mary CHURCHMAN, b. 9/1/1949
              8-Martha CHURCHMAN, b. 6/8/1951
               s-Richard JONES
                9-Debra Gail JONES, b. 11/15/1972
           s-Mae SHAW, m. 1909
          6-Graham CHURCHMAN
        5-Frances Tapp CHURCHMAN, b. 7/25/1825  d. 7/8/1826
        5-John Stephens CHURCHMAN, b. 2/16/1827  d. 12/10/1884
         s-Frances Maria CRAWFORD
          6-James Henry CHURCHMAN, b. 2/4/1854  d. 5/4/1855
          6-John William CHURCHMAN, b. 9/12/1857  d. 2/24/1909
           s-Annie Goodwin JOHNSTON, m. 8/27/1890
            7-Charles Johnston CHURCHMAN, b. 9/17/1891  d. 12/5/1932
             s-Elizabeth Vance GILKESON, m. 11/9/1921  d. 1/28/1983
              8-Elizabeth Gilkeson CHURCHMAN, b. 4/19/1923
               s-Merle S. WICK, b. 12/7/1913  m. 9/6/1947
                9-Beverly WICK, b. 10/23/1949
                 s-Curtis GUISE
                  10-Elizabeth Frances GUISE, b. 7/16/1983
                  10-Stephen Ralph GUISE, b. 11/1/1985
                9-Barbara WICK, b. 3/15/1952
                 s-Thomas KNOPP
                  10-Christy KNOPP, b. 12/28/1977
                    s-Shane HARRIS
                     11-Tristan Michael HARRIS, b. 3/17/1998
                  10-Melissa KNOPP, b. 11/20/1979
                  10-Laura KNOPP, b. 8/13/1983
                  10-Benjamin KNOPP, b. 10/15/1985
                  10-Emily KNOPP, b. 7/15/1987
                  10-Wesley KNOPP, b. 7/20/1989
                9-Patricia WICK
                 s-Darryl LAM
                  10-David LAM, b. 2/3/1980
                  10-Kate LAM, b. 4/23/1982
                  10-Margaret Finley LAM, b. 4/10/1986
                  10-Carolyn P. LAM, b. 1/31/1989
                9-Anne WICK, b. 10/1/1961
              8-Anne Warren CHURCHMAN, b. 11/27/1924
               s-David S. BROWN, b. 3/14/1925  m. 10/4/1952  d. 11/22/1995
                9-David Churchman BROWN, b. 10/18/1953
                 s-Ellen APPERSON, (dvc.)
                  10-Katharine G. BROWN, b. 1/31/1981
                  10-David Churchman BROWN, Jr., b. 11/16/1982
                9-Anne Carrington BROWN, b. 10/31/1954
                 s-Alex WISE
                  10-Henry Alexander WISE, b. 6/11/1982
                  10-Anne Churchman WISE, b. 4/15/1984
                  10-Elizabeth Carrington WISE, b. 5/30/1988
                  10-Margaret Hamilton WISE, b. 11/6/1990
                9-James Finley BROWN, b. 3/8/1957
                 s-Antoinette Darden CHRISTIAN, b. 6/1/1956  m. 11/27/1981
                  10-Claiborne Darden BROWN, b. 9/3/1984
                  10-Martha Finley BROWN, b. 5/9/1987
              8-Margaret Finley CHURCHMAN, b. 6/11/1926
               s-Robert Wilson MOFFETT, b. 4/25/1919  m. 10/30/1948
                9-Anne Carter MOFFETT, b. 6/17/1950
                 s-Brent DOUGLASS
                  10-Emily Stewart DOUGLASS, b. 4/1/1990 (adopted from Rumania)
                  10-Lewis Moffett DOUGLASS, b. 12/16/1990 (adopted from Rumania)
                9-Elizabeth Page MOFFETT, b. 2/8/1954
                 s-Ronnie HEARN
                  10-Robbie HEARN, b. 3/19/1982
                  10-Page HEARN, b. 10/28/1983
                9-Margaret Churchman MOFFETT, b. 4/9/1956
                 s-Steve KYLE
                  10-Ashley Elizabeth KYLE
                9-Robert MOFFETT, b. 7/4/1960
                9-Henry Harris MOFFETT, b. 6/27/1964
              8-Charles Johnston CHURCHMAN, Jr., b. 6/16/1929
               s-Patricia Ann MACK, m. 9/4/1954
                9-Margaret Elizabeth CHURCHMAN, b. 8/22/1955
                 s-Dennis W. TRISSEL, b. 9/13/1953
                  10-Cory B. TRISSEL, b. 1/22/1978
                  10-Alison P. TRISSEL, b. 7/20/1981
                  10-Elise C. TRISSEL, b. 8/19/1989
                9-John Craig CHURCHMAN, b. 9/19/1957
                 s-Sharon LARKIN
                  10-Kailie L. CHURCHMAN, b. 7/6/1986
                  10-Travis S. CHURCHMAN, b. 7/13/1988
                9-Charles Johnston CHURCHMAN, III, b. 9/14/1962
                9-Catherine Houston CHURCHMAN, b. 3/25/1967
                 s-Christopher DOLACK
                  10-Elizabeth K. DOLACK, b. 3/25/1997
            7-Harriet Trevilian CHURCHMAN, b. 6/8/1896  d. 10/17/1903
            7-Frances Crawford CHURCHMAN, b. 5/8/1899
             s-Simon SEWARD, m. 1924
              8-Frances Churchman SEWARD, b. ca 1924
              8-Rosa May SEWARD, b. 1928
            7-Annie Carter CHURCHMAN, b. 6/30/1902  d. 6/28/1906
          6-Charles Allen CHURCHMAN, b. 9/15/1859  d. 9/21/1878
          6-Sarah Crawford CHURCHMAN, b. 4/7/1863
           s-Z. S. CECIL, m. 5/16/1888
        5-Henry Jouette CHURCHMAN, b. 8/24/1828  d. 1/23/1881
        5-William Meade CHURCHMAN, b. 3/2/1830  d. 7/31/1831
        5-Susan Frances CHURCHMAN, b. 10/31/1831  d. 9/3/1875
         s-William Abney GRILLS
        5-Infant CHURCHMAN, b. 5/21/1833  d. 5/24/1833
        5-William Meade CHURCHMAN, b. 7/31/1834  d. 10/3/1835
        5-Ann Maria CHURCHMAN, b. 4/3/1836  d. 4/7/1838
        5-Virginia Meriwether CHURCHMAN, b. 1/5/1839  d. 4/11/1909
        5-Fannie Cosby CHURCHMAN, b. 3/23/1843  d. 11/10/1908
         s-William Churchman GEIGER, m. 8/24/1871
          6-Henry Jouette GEIGER
      4-Thomas CHURCHMAN, b. 6/22/1794  d. 3/21/1867
       s-Susanna ARGENBRIGHT GARBER, m. 8/6/1818  d. bef 10/1849
        5-Amelia CHURCHMAN, b. ca 1819
         s-William N. SMITH
        5-Elias CHURCHMAN, b. ca 1820
         s-Wealthy Van WORMER
        5-George CHURCHMAN
        5-Lucy A. CHURCHMAN, b. 10/12/1822
         s-Jacob ERMAN
        5-Abaline CHURCHMAN
        5-William CHURCHMAN, b. 9/29/1825
         s-Sarah Ann HALL, b. ca 1826  m. 10/21/1847
          6-Francis M. CHURCHMAN, b. ca 1848  d. bef 1883
          6-Urias Lester CHURCHMAN, b. 7/15/1851
           s-Mary A. HOFFMAN, b. 12/7/1851  m. 1/7/1873  d. 7/11/1882
            7-George William CHURCHMAN, b. 2/26/1874  d. 9/1948
             s-Florence BEATTIE
            7-Gertie May CHURCHMAN, b. 5/28/1882  d. 9/20/1882
           s-Julie A. HOFFMAN
            7-Elizabeth CHURCHMAN, b. 10/1/1886  d. 4/15/1968

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