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           s-Mary Jane MILLS, b. 1852  m. 1/9/1872  d. bef 1900
            7-Archibald PERRIN, b. 2/18/1876  d. 11/14/1953
             s-Dora Ann LEMMONS, b. 11/7/1880  m. 6/9/1897  d. 6/3/1971
              8-Teula P. PERRIN, b. 1/7/1899  d. 1/16/1988
               s-Bynum W. WELLS, b. 6/20/1895  m. 2/8/1919  d. 4/4/1948
                9-Clay WELLS, b. 11/15/1919
                 s-Ruby CLARY, b. 7/7/1926  m. 4/15/1945
                  10-Anna WELLS, b. 1/18/1946
                    s-Shelby CROUCH
                     11-Jeffrey CROUCH, b. 12/30/1970
                     11-Greg CROUCH, b. 12/1971
                     11-Brian CROUCH, b. 4/1973
                  10-Judy WELLS, b. 11/9/1952
                    s-Mason MATHENY
                     11-Karen MATHENY, b. 5/6/1976
                9-Edward WELLS, b. 10/4/1924
                 s-Dorthea HILL, b. 7/14/1928  m. 8/24/1946
                  10-Danny WELLS, b. 6/26/1947
                    s-Jerry Throg MARTIN
                     11-Kimberly Diane WELLS, b. 1/19/1969
                     11-David WELLS, b. 4/16/1971
                     11-Dustin WELLS, b. 3/12/1973  d. 5/10/1979
                     11-Martin WELLS, b. 8/8/1975
                  10-Donald Wayne WELLS, b. 4/5/1949
                    s-Judy RUNYON
                     11-Chloe WELLS
                     11-Bruce WELLS
                  10-Newton Edward WELLS, b. 7/3/1950
                    s-Linda BROWN
                     11-Robbie Jo WELLS, b. 12/8/1971
                     11-Paula WELLS, b. 8/8/1975
                  10-Joe WELLS, b. 9/26/1952
                    s-Susan HOWARD
                     11-Nathan Howard WELLS, b. 8/8/1976
                     11-Killey Jo WELLS, b. 10/1978
                  10-Julia WELLS, b. 4/8/1957
                  10-Marylin WELLS, b. 12/26/1967
              8-Hulett E. PERRIN, b. 6/20/1904  d. bef 1985
               s-Lorine BROWN, b. 6/27/1905  d. 1/16/1994
                9-Bowman PERRIN
                9-Martha PERRIN
                9-Larry N. PERRIN
                9-Patty PERRIN, b. 10/18/1924
                9-Betty PERRIN, b. 10/18/1924
              8-Carl A. PERRIN, b. 4/29/1909  d. 2/1996
               s-Hazel Tempa COLLINS, b. 4/25/1914  m. 1932  d. 9/7/1979
                9-Carl A. PERRIN
                 s-Frances A. NAYLOR, m. 1961
              8-Henley Amos PERRIN, b. 8/20/1911  d. 11/9/1985
               s-Chloe JUSTUS, b. 12/5/1913  m. 1932  d. 7/29/1990
                9-Mignon Annette PERRIN, b. 4/9/1933
                 s-Bobby G. SMITH, m. 1953
                9-Carolyn Eudora PERRIN, b. 11/17/1936
                 s-Cecil P. KEITH
                9-Henley Anthony PERRIN, b. 11/30/1952
              8-Archibald PERRIN, Jr., b. 5/1917
               s-Vivian RATLIFF
                9-Newton Archibald PERRIN
                 s-Rose Mary ??
                9-Mary Jean PERRIN
              8-Newton PERRIN, b. 1918
            7-Washington Hunter PERRIN, b. 3/18/1879  d. 11/14/1937
             s-Teula A. HATLEY, b. 10/3/1880  m. 3/1/1900  d. 8/16/1964
              8-Howard Basil PERRIN, b. 1/20/1901  d. 9/26/1987
               s-Verda ROBINS, b. 9/18/1899  m. 9/21/1923  d. 11/4/1982
                9-Peggy Sue PERRIN, b. 11/21/1931
                 s-Mr. PERTRIN
                 s-Jimmy E. WALTERS, b. 1929  m. 8/27/1950
                  10-M. A. WALTERS
                    s-Ronald S. KICKLER, m. 9/7/1974
                     11-Sarah A. KICKLER, m. 1977
                    s-Frederick BOSS, m. 7/2/1989
                     11-Katherine R. BOSS, b. 1990
                  10-James P. WALTERS
                    s-Lorraine SALAZAR, m. 12/29/1979
                     11-Lindsay WALTERS, b. 1988
              8-Reo Louise PERRIN, b. 1902  d. 1905
              8-Cecil Hunter PERRIN, b. 7/20/1904  d. 1/6/1983
               s-Jessie ??, b. 10/3/1927  d. 6/26/1992
                9-Kempa PERRIN
                 s-Bob RIDER
                9-Hunter PERRIN
                 s-Janelle ALLISON
                  10-Bryce PERRIN, b. 1972
              8-Lelia Molly PERRIN, b. 11/18/1906  d. 2/13/1981
               s-Warren L. BLANKENSHIP, b. 7/3/1898  m. 1935  d. 5/23/1951
              8-Ora Lucille PERRIN, b. 6/19/1909  d. 7/25/1997
               s-L. Frank BLANKENSHIP, Jr., b. 9/25/1908  m. 10/09/1928  d. 12/8/1971
                9-L. Frank BLANKENSHIP, III, b. 8/31/1932  d. 9/28/1932
                9-William BLANKENSHIP, b. 12/21/1937
                 s-Lydia SUNNUKJIAN, m. 4/3/1960
                9-John David BLANKENSHIP, b. 9/19/1941
                 s-Veronica LAWRENCE, m. 6/29/1963
                  10-Cynthia Ann BLANKENSHIP, b. 3/25/1965
                    s-Dan CREIGHTON
                  10-Esther Mylanthia BLANKENSHIP, b. 4/23/1970
                9-James Lynn BLANKENSHIP, b. 10/28/1943
                 s-Linda KELLY, m. 9/26/1970
                  10-Jeffrey Scott BLANKENSHIP, b. 5/1/1971
                  10-Eric Johnson BLANKENSHIP, b. 7/3/1978
              8-Amos Hatley PERRIN, b. 1/9/1912  d. 3/1/1991
              8-Ora Louise PERRIN, b. 1/1915  d. 5/1916
              8-Teula Pauline PERRIN, b. 2/27/1918
               s-Charles PORTER
              8-Washington Hunter PERRIN, Jr., b. 11/23/1921
               s-Betty ??, b. 12/24/1926  d. 5/25/1996
          6-Nancy E. Martha PERRIN, b. 1847
           s-William BOZARTH, b. 1845  m. 1863
           s-Allen MCDANIEL, m. 4/6/1873
        5-Sarah CHURCHMAN, b. ca 1808
         s-Isaac Vaden PERRIN, b. 1807  m. 2/8/1827  d. ca 1841
          6-John P. PERRIN, b. bef 1835
          6-1 son, b. aft 1835
        5-Hannah CHURCHMAN
         s-John BRADLEY, m. 9/9/1829
        5-Rachel CHURCHMAN
         s-Preston Gainum MITCHELL, m. 11/10/1831
          6-Nancy Jane MITCHELL
           s-James H. RENFRO, b. 1817 m. 1850
            7-Eliza RENFRO
            7-Adaline RENFRO
            7-Harriet RENFRO
            7-James R. RENFRO
            7-Jane RENFRO
            7-Milly RENFRO
            7-Cornelia RENFRO
             s-Mr. SELLERS
             s-Charles HOUK
            7-Tina RENFRO
            7-Samuel RENFRO
            7-George Washington RENFRO, b. 1860
             s-Emma MITCHELL, m. ca 1886
              8-Albert H. RENFRO
               s-Lucy ELROD
                9-Albert H. RENFRO, Jr.
                 s-Flora Mae STEWART, m. 1945
                  10-Donna Jean RENFRO
                    s-John MORRIS
                     11-R. Todd MORRIS, b. 1970
                     11-Andy MORRIS, b. 1976
                  10-Michael Allen RENFRO
                    s-Lenore PEARSON
                     11-Michael Allen RENFRO, Jr.
                     11-Melissa RENFRO
                     11-John RENFRO
                9-Emma RENFRO
              8-Carrie RENFRO
               s-W. Thomas MCCONNELL
              8-Cora RENFRO
               s-Robert DAVIS
             s-Mollie DAVIS, m. 1893
              8-Mae RENFRO
               s-William CONDRY
              8-Blanche RENFRO
               s-Eugene CONDRY
              8-Jennie Faye RENFRO
               s-William WINEYARD
              8-J. Garfield RENFRO
               s-Matilda LAWSON
               s-Lena B. HODGES
          6-3 sons
      4-Nancy CHURCHMAN
       s-James FERGUSON, m. 7/8/1794
        5-Thomas FERGUSON
      4-Rebeccah CHURCHMAN
       s-James HODGE, m. 4/15/1797
    3-Miriam CHURCHMAN, b. 8/15/1757
     s-Izah BROWN
      4-William BROWN
       s-Rachel MILNER
    3-Deborah CHURCHMAN, b. 2/20/1759
     s-John PEW
    3-Enoch CHURCHMAN, b. 11/2/1762  d. ca 1850
     s-Martha MORRIS, m. 2/2/1792
      4-Ann Maria CHURCHMAN
       s-William CRAWFORD
      4-Sarah Eliza CHURCHMAN
       s-Henry Mitchell GRAY
        5-Annie GRAY
         s-Charles J. BRICKHAM
      4-Benjamin Bradford CHURCHMAN
      4-Fances A. CHURCHMAN
      4-Harriet CHURCHMAN
       s-Thomas WHARTON
      4-Mary Jane CHURCHMAN
       s-Mr. ORMSBY
       s-Mr. CALWELL
    3-Abigail CHURCHMAN, b. 11/12/1764  d. 8/28/1829
     s-Rowland PERRY
    3-David CHURCHMAN, b. 2/15/1766  d. 6/5/1852
     2-Miss MCDOWEL
      4-2 sons
      4-2 daughters
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