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Welcome to the Churchman Genealogy Website. The scope of research covers over 300 years, beginning with John Churchman, who came to Pennsylvania from England in 1682. The Churchman Descendants Chart lists over 7,200 names and covers 13 generations. Individual biography sheets have been created for about 580 of the people listed on the Descendants Chart. Research is on-going -- changes will be made as new information is found. Already, many members of the Churchman family have contributed pictures and information to this site. If your ancestors were Churchman's, this is your site! We hope you enjoy it.

Churchman Family History Page contains links to The Churchman Story - a Brief History, historical places, and historical documents. A great place to learn more about the Churchman family.


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Some interesting tidbits that we have found are:
  • John Churchman immigrated from Saffron-Walden, Essex County, England to the "New World" in 1682, on the ship Amity. This was about the same time that William Penn arrived from England to colonize Pennsylvania. John Churchman, like William Penn, was a Quaker. He settled in Chester County, near Philadelphia. Click for a map of Nottingham Township in 1702.

  • William C. Churchman was the first of many Churchman farmers to own land along the Holston River in Jefferson County, Tennessee. His son Reuben Churchman amassed more than 1,000 acres along the river. The Mills Ferry across the Holston River operated near Churchman's Bend in 1865.

Seal of Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Jefferson writes... The page is browning on the edges, ink is smeared on several words, and the Jefferson seal is cracked. Nevertheless, the Aug. 8, 1787 letter Jefferson authored from Paris, France, to John Churchman in Philadelphia, is in good condition. John Churchman (1753-1805) was a scientist and inventor, named as a Fellow to the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences. For more info on the letter, click the image to the left.
  • William H. Churchman lies buried in the Lonesome Dove Cemetery in Grapevine, Texas. He was robbed and killed in 1895, after taking his crop to a nearby cotton gin. We travelled all the way to Tennessee (from Texas) to find out about William H. (my great grandfather), only to find him buried in our backyard!
  • Howard Pyle, son of Margaret Churchman Painter, was one of America's best known illustrators. His work in Harper's Monthly caught the eye of Vincent Van Gogh. He illustrated books for Mark Twain, Alfred Tennyson, and other well known writers of his time. He also wrote and illustrated many books himself. He founded the Brandywine School and trained many of America's top illustrators, including N.C. Wyeth. His work is preserved in collections at the Delaware Art Museum and the Brandywine River Museum.
Harper's Monthly
Click for Tombstones A grave mystery solved. We believe that we have found the correct place for James L. Churchman and his family in the family tree. Click here to learn more.

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