Christmas Memories

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Merry Christmas from Wayne and Vici Churchman.  We have been truly blessed this year to meet so many of you.  Renewing family ties and meeting new relatives has been a great joy to us this year.  Our warmest wishes to you and your families during the Christmas season, Wayne and Vici Churchman.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas memories:
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Children: what a special fascination Christmas holds for the child in all of us. Here's a picture of our son Christopher's first Christmas. His Uncle Bobby took this great picture.
Chris trimming tree
Chris' first Christmas
Traditions: decorating the family Christmas tree together. You can see that Chris is just as intent and fascinated as he was 16 years earlier.
Expectations: how full of hope for the future and joy for the present. Vici and I had been married for seven years when this picture was taken at my mom's house in 1972.

Family - 1989
Wayne and Vici - 1972
Family: nothing means more at Christmas than sharing it with your family. This is my mom, brothers, sister and their families at my sister Kay's house in 1989.
Christmas Eve: Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house... Vici reads Twas the Night Before Christmas to Chris in a tradition that started when Chris was just a babe.
Chris and Vici with Go-Kart
Twas the Night Before Christmas
Joy: children and parents alike abound with the joy of giving gifts at Christmas. It doesn't get any better than this: Chris at age 11 with his mom and his new ride.
Christmas RecipesClick here for some of Vici's favorite Christmas recipes.

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